We spent last week in Big Sur and IT WAS AWESOME.

On Sunday, after avoiding it for as long as possible, I checked my voicemail and found the following:

“This is so-and-so. My number is xyz-123-abcd. My other number is bla-deb-lahd.

{pause, pause, pause, exasperated sigh}

I have a position to get filled and you need to call me back ASAP.”

I sat there for a second, played it back, listened again and then promptly mumbled, ‘good fucking luck with that’ and hit delete.

Who in their right mind calls someone they don’t know, does not identify what company they’re calling from, and then – in the bitchiest tone possible – proceeds to tell that person what they NEED to do?

Someone who’s not working with me, that’s who.

The old me would have jumped right on the phone and tried to make that person happy. Well guess what? I like my hair in my head thank you very much, and working with someone who treats a total stranger like crap is not the way to keep it there.

Lesson learned.