I’m going to go ahead, knock on wood and say summer’s not been treating me too badly this year.

Aside from combating feelings of uselessness/internal hysteria when people ask how work is or what I do for a living, this whole free time thing has been kind of sweet.

Everyday is a playground. I do things like:

  • Open my eyes in the morning and wonder wtf is going to happen to my life now that I’m not working.
  • Think about listing more things on eBay. Key words: think about.
  • Read a page or three of a book per sitting and savor the words in a contemplative, mostly stress-free zone – except when I’m feeling guilty about not working.
  • Walk around and look for/take pictures of/make friends with cats in my ‘hood for a new tumblr I started (Cats of The Shore – shameless plug) as a west coast sister to Carey’s Cats of the Fan.
  • Look at Pinterest and contemplate crafts, but not do any because I’m too busy doing nothing?
  • Watch Bold and Beautiful and fight not to tweet about how much I despise that little rat Wyatt. Why is Hope such a dumb ho?
  • Ride my bike and stare wistfully at the gigantic pomegranates on the neighbor’s tree.
  • Go to the beach.
  • Think of really funny things to write on this blog, but then forget what they were because I’m a. in the middle of a book b. about to fall asleep c. at the grocery store d. on my bike.
  • Tell myself to write more things on this blog.
  • Text message my friend Susan for 4 hours.
  • Watch classics like Jaws, Point Break, High Fidelity, Beaches, Sixteen Candles, Grand Canyon, Alien, etc. and walk around the house ranting about how they don’t make movies like they used to.

You know, basically useless stuff that I always wished I could do but never had the time for.

One useFUL thing I have done is put some finishing touches to the deck that was a disaster when I moved in here about 3 years ago (or something like that). Remember this hot mess? (I wasn’t referring to my hair either, but now that I look at it da fuq was I thinking?) Well, the picture above is what it is now and I’m not embarrassed to say I pass out on the couch up there on the regular.

I frickin’ love summer. *Napoleon Dynamite voice.