I realize I might catch some shit for this, but it’s what I truly think and has been on my mind a lot lately:

With the rise of (people misusing) social media, sacred things have lost their meaning.

Everything is for sale, yet nothing holds true value.

Children and their childhoods reduced to hashtags and ‘preserving memories’, yet on display for all the world to view like a cheap sideshow. When I’m out in public I shouldn’t recognize a child I’ve never met. Neither should the pedophiles.

I’ve been privy to all kinds of weddings and, worse yet, funerals on Instagram. People tagging brands worn in their funeral outfits moments before entering a service to pay last respects to a dead family member. Bathroom selfies, faces streamed with tears.

Feeds littered with private moments not meant for public consumption, yet shamelessly shoved in our faces.

Capitalizing off birth, death and every.single.moment in between and after.

Why is this hysteria, this desperate frenzy for attention being lauded and applauded as normal and something to aspire to?

It’s not.

Worse yet are those excusing the behavior as a way to make a living. A living? What about a LIFE?

Sure I can unfollow and believe me I do, but it’s still happening. Turning your face from an epidemic doesn’t erase it’s existence.

Giving away every moment of your life in piles of poorly filtered photographs to people you don’t know leaves you with nothing. YOU are all you have. Someday these over-sharers are going to turn around and realize they saved nothing OF themselves (or their children) FOR themselves (or their children).

Will they even care?

*Disclaimer: this is not intended for people with private profiles sharing their lives with family and friends, or for those who mindfully and thoughtfully use social media.