Some big sh*t went on around here this morning. I RODE MY BIKE AROUND THE BLOCK.

Yep, you heard me!

I rode that sucker around the whole block. And that’s not all. I saw two cats (that didn’t belong to me) while I was out there. I even sat on the sidewalk and got in a lot of pets with one that I’m pretty sure wanted to hitch a ride back to my place. Finally an update for the tumblr. Wahoo!

I have to tell you, it felt great to be outside. ON.MY.BIKE.

Yesterday was not a great day. I went to acupuncture and found out I’m retaining water on the right side due to lack of circulation. Even though I don’t have a lot of feeling in my hand/arm and foot/lower leg, it was something I hadn’t considered.

I tried really hard not to get upset.

On the ride home I tried to think of things to get my circulation moving. All I could think about was my bike. I called Chris at work and told him I was thinking about giving it a try in the morning if I wasn’t too tired. For once, Benjamin Franklin brought himself into the house ON HIS OWN ( (after screaming at the door) at 9pm. Apocalypse?, I thought. And then went to bed myself.

Circulate that.

When I opened the back door this morning and saw that the FedEx guy had gone out of his way to come all the way around the back of the house – and up the stairs – to drop a delivery, I took it as a sign.

Chris got the bikes down and we agreed that I would just do what I could, no pressure.

I couldn’t go far and was pretty shaky, but I did it. And then I cried all the way home.

Back on My Bike!

If you’ve been praying for me, THANK YOU. I mean it, thank you so much.

This is such a huge deal for me and I appreciate all of your positive thoughts, prayers and encouraging words more than I could ever say.

*Also, Chris took about 180 pictures (like maybe 12) so if you follow me on Instagram I’ll try not to pepper spray the feed over the next few days. No guarantees.