Over the holidays I heard someone say: Bad things happen fast, but we have to live through them slow.

Okay fine I heard it on General Hospital (long time guilty pleasure) and cried like a baby. I actually still have the episode saved on my DVR and sometimes watch it over and over again. It helps me feel less alone.

It would only figure that as soon as I said I was going to help Chris in the kitchen, my health went in the crapper. The past couple weeks have basically sucked. My right side is incredibly weak, I don’t have much energy and, not that it has anything to do with anything, the laundry is piled sky high. How can this be when I sold or gave away almost everything? Who only knows.

Remember when I said in that 2014 wrap up post that I was was going to try and just take things as they come, let things unfold naturally? Well as it turns out, living through things slowly is not my forte but the universe is determined to make me better at it. Work that muscle, girl. NO I DON’T WANNA. You’ll do it and you’ll like it! Sound familiar? Anyone, anyone?

Not having any energy is, quite literally, a drag. I’m so tired of it. Yawns.

So there you have it. Murphy’s Law has kicked me in the ass and I’m back in bed. Stroke recovery 101: just when you think it’s over, you need another nap. I did manage to go to work with Chris for a few hours on Monday and roll out some apple galettes. It was pretty good, except for when he was trying to do everything and I had to tell him to STAND DOWN FINE SIR, I’VE GOT THIS. That was fun.

In the meantime I’m back to riding my bike, walking to the beach, earthing, dousing myself in essential oils, and reading or watching uplifting/meaningful things in 5-10 minute intervals between naps. I’m even avoiding sugar, corn, margaritas and all the good stuff for the next few weeks to strengthen my gut. Lays down and cries missing spicy cucumber margaritas. So in summary I’m riding the bandwagon of trends in self-care, but hey, whatever works.

One major bright side in all of this, and I am always looking for the bright side, the meaning, the doorway to what’s next, is I have met a pile of new cats lately on my spins. It’s like Benjamin Franklin put out an SOS on my behalf to make up for jumping on my face in the middle of the night and giving me a swollen eye. I’m trying to update the tumblr a little everyday because I’ve taken so many pictures of cats I’m actually out of storage on my phone. Get there.

Here’s a little something to whet your whistle. Cat in a tree (sort of)!photo 14