Yesterday I archived old content and removed it from the site. If you’re looking for an outfit, there’s one Mrs. Roper situation from last summer and that’s it. Similar scenario with the recipes. The process was kind of long but cathartic. I got tired of looking at current posts and seeing old outfits stemming back to three and four years ago listed as ‘popular’ on the side. It’s a different day.

Also, I can’t believe how young I looked in some of those pictures. Damn.

Immediate thoughts:

  1. Where did all my hair go?
  2. Why the hell did I sell those $8 pants?
  3. I wonder if I could still fit in those $8 pants?
  4. What ever happened to the flea market?
  5. Oh, nevermind. *remembers it’s turned into a zoo*

Something’s are better left alone, but that is definitely a younger, more carefree – even if I was chained to a desk – version of me. Then again blogging was, what I considered to be, fun then; not about sponsorships and agents and buying followers on social media. Still, it’s bewildering that I ever began documenting what I wore. I’ve never wanted to look like everyone else, unavoidable as that may be, and I certainly don’t want people mimicking me. I just want to do my own thing. Kind of not conducive to putting your outfits on the internet, right? I guess it’s a good thing I never hit the big time or I’d be really screwed right now. Ha!

So anyway, here’s to the old free bird. Moment of silence for the string of snaps below. I’m not sure what’s in store for the future, but if I’m ever standing in front of the garage in something I feel particularly good in maybe I’ll have Chris snap a couple of pictures on his iphone. TBD.IMG_1292 IMG_0902 IMG_8225 IMG_2836 IMG_8120 IMG_3254 IMG_9288 IMG_1935 IMG_5319 IMG_2374