Chris and I are currently engaged in a silent yet heated match of ‘who is going to replace the garbage bag?’.

There’s one simple rule around here: whoever uses up the last bit of whatever (ie. tp, papertowels, GARBAGE BAG) is responsible for making sure there’s a new one in its place.

If you’ve ever lived with another person, you are likely aware of how this game works.

Everything is going along smoothly until one day one of the parties gets lazy and fails to replace the thing they are responsible for replacing. They carry on as though they are not guilty. See: ‘who me? face’ for reference.

You know who you are.

Today it struck me that it has been roughly seven days since a garbage bag has been IN the actual garbage can. When taking out the cat litter, Chris has even begun using leftover vegetable baggies from the market. Chris is an amateur.

Little does he know, I am prepared to walk select items of garbage down to the trash cans one-by-one all day and night until this is resolved. In fact, I enjoy walking up and down the stairs 10x/day just for the sheer exercise value alone. Additionally, I am not opposed to piling, say, 10 pieces of harmless trash and walking it out to the cans just prior to his arrival home from work so it appears as though, ‘Hey, she must’ve put a garbage bag in the trash can because there isn’t any trash piled on top of it. I win!’.

Until he looks into the black hole of the garbage can and hears my friendly voice whispering back, ‘PSYCH!’

These are trash bag wars and I intend emerge victorious.