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Freebird Style

I love cats, unapologetically

June 10, 2015

Way back when my blog had a bunch of followers, I remember reading a blog conference speaker’s do’s and don’ts for building an audience on social media. The person basically said, don’t be a cat lady. Don’t post a bunch of pictures of your cat, talk about cat things or get crazy about cats. No one wants it. My heart sunk. ‘But I love cats!’, I thought. Bummer. Even though I still mentioned my cats and took pictures of them, I…

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Summer Wearing

Just go ahead and tell on yourself

After spending the past six months bitching and moaning about how much I hate the rebirth of the slide (sandal), I thought it only right to come on here and confess I caved and bought a pair. They’re good. They’re really good. This crow…

July 31, 2014