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Valentine’s Day when you get holed up in your garage

February 14, 2020

I had this great idea for Valentine’s Day where I was going to do an ode to my best friend and talk about all the crazy and fun things we’ve endured over the past 30 years (Jesus take the wheel). Then I went into the garage to dig out my favorite old picture of us but after 5 hours of rooting around couldn’t find it so walked back into the house covered in dirt, dust and snot from crying over…

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Why you should always stop to pet the dog

**Let me begin by saying the picture in this post has nothing to do with the actual post, I just LOVE the picture and it’s winter so let’s just embrace and rejoice.** One morning last week I finished my morning loop around the neighborhood…

February 11, 2020

2019: the year of the beatdown

Summary of 2019: Returned  from Christmas in Canada with the flu. First real flu since high school. January: so sick I finally decide to try light pilates at the end of the month in case lethargy and depression are causing this flu/backache. Can’t really…

December 31, 2019

How to make friends after 40 when you don’t have kids

Yesterday the phone rang while I was in the middle of a research project. Looking over at the dreaded call display I said to myself, I do not know Toby J********* therefore I shan’t be answering that. Half an hour later I noticed there…

September 12, 2018