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Teen Mom 2 recap, exasperation, etc

March 15, 2017

As I said on twitter last night just as Teen Mom 2 was about to start: Jesus take our wheels. #Jesusbreaktheirwheels Who’s with me on that? Especially considering Chelsea’s driving a Range Rover and Kail a BMW SUV and neither of them have jobs. Okay Chelsea gives laser peels and hair removal, but don’t even try to tell me that paid for the Range. I know math. On to the episode at hand which I believe was entitled Cherries and…

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It rose from the ashes

I swore I would never do television recaps again, but after last night’s Teen Mom 2 have reconsidered. I’ve found my people again. And to be clear I do not mean the cast of Teen Mom 2. I cannot believe Kail took a walk…

March 8, 2017