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Shake the dust off your paws

The Bachelorette is on tonight at 9pm. Against my better judgment I am thinking about watching it. Why, you ask? Oh gee I don’t know. Maybe something about bringing the old (way old, before the strokes old) into the new or just stirring up…

May 24, 2016

romeo, romeo wherefore art my levi’s

I have this recurring dream. In it I’m reunited with my favorite pair of Levi’s. The ones my brother abandoned and I took over, wearing on repeat through nights at Barry T’s (for all you old school YEG-ers) and days slogging to Romance Linguistics,…

May 19, 2016

On aging (some more)

I was about to make a left on Temple when Richard Marx came on. “Damn Angelia, it’s been too long,” I said out loud turning up the volume as the light turned yellow, then red, and I pulled to a stop. For a second…

April 5, 2016

Unring the bell

I haven’t written here for awhile because my aunt passed away suddenly and all I want to do is curl up in a ball and die, cry, lie in bed and be alone. I suppose this is the grieving process. I thought about including…

March 3, 2016