All I want for Christmas is a placenta face mask

December 25, 2015

My dad: what’s that stuff you’re spraying in your hair?

Me: dry shampoo

My dad: you should use febreze


I’m at home in Canada. They keep it pretty simple where I grew up. People tell it like it is, no one cares if you’re wearing designer anything or blinks an eye if your hair isn’t combed.

I like that.

When I got on the plane in LA on Monday I felt a whoosh of relief leaving it all behind.

It’s kind of nice knowing the closest neighbor is a mile away. It soothes the soul to have conversations with people who genuinely listen and look you in the eye. Maybe it’s true that there’s no place like home? Until the rest of the family shows up anyway.

This year I opted for a gift-free Christmas. I don’t need anything (except a million dollars) and it felt good to bow out of that frenzy of expectations with family. I hope I can zero in on the calm feeling I have inside and tuck it away for safe keeping, something to tap into when I’m back in Southern California.

In the meantime:

Give me youth.
Give me health.
Give me that placenta face mask I saw in the Japanese market last week.

Placenta Face Mask me

No really, it’s a thing. 

And if you must, give me Hawaii. As much as I love being home I’m just not cut out for -20 degrees.😬


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