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2017 Recap – Don’t look back

January 4, 2018

Last night the pizza delivery guy showed up around 9:30 just as a sore throat claimed my last coherent moments of December 30, 2017. I walked outside barefoot because old habits die hard and he was wandering in the street like a lost dog looking from the receipt on the bag to the sky like wtf is this place. Yes sir, I feel you. I’m not going to give a moment, a breath, a keystroke to talking about the person…

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Just before sundown tonight I was sitting in my office when the Asian kid across the street lost his everloving shit and kicked his pumpkins all over into the street. There I was, typing away at my computer, when I noticed in the mirror…

October 31, 2017

The Big One

Last year on this day I turned on my computer, swallowed my fear, and went back to work. It’s been a whole year. I made it. Yesterday we had a bit of a shitstorm and my boss said to me, “Carrie, I love you.…

September 19, 2017


When I think of summer I think of riding my bike in flip flops, or maybe bare feet. Summer is when my skin turns brown; the hair on my arms golden, barely there. It’s the season of no comb. Summer is the sound of…

September 10, 2015