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2017 Recap – Don’t look back

January 4, 2018

Last night the pizza delivery guy showed up around 9:30 just as a sore throat claimed my last coherent moments of December 30, 2017. I walked outside barefoot because old habits die hard and he was wandering in the street like a lost dog looking from the receipt on the bag to the sky like wtf is this place. Yes sir, I feel you. I’m not going to give a moment, a breath, a keystroke to talking about the person…

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On aging (some more)

I was about to make a left on Temple when Richard Marx came on. “Damn Angelia, it’s been too long,” I said out loud turning up the volume as the light turned yellow, then red, and I pulled to a stop. For a second…

April 5, 2016

And the beat goes on

The other night Chris and I spent two hours test driving vacuums. Two hours. In one store. When it comes to vacuums all I care about is if it sucks everything up and doesn’t make me choke when I empty the canister. Not so…

January 29, 2015