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deck the halls with a bunch of stuff i bought for myself

Christmas. That time of year when mini-lights and tree lots and little seedless oranges abound. When you try not to eat everything but end up ordering Domino’s Pizza anyway because all those coupons hooked to the door handle just.won’t.stop. Baking cookies sounds like a dream,…

December 16, 2016

On life and death

My mom grew up in a three room house on the prairies in Canada. She had seven brothers and sisters. They did not have running water and my grandmother cooked on a coal stove. One of my favorite memories is the time I slept…

November 22, 2016

Know yourself

All week long I’ve tried to think about particularly insightful things to say here. I’m not sure I have any. Here goes: I went back to work. I was not planning on doing this, at all. It just kind of happened. I hate when people say…

October 7, 2016